Hey, I'm Matt, a photographer from Cape Town that specializes in still life captures.

I am always looking for the most effective and best-suited solution to follow and produce the creative brief of the client.

Then the next steps to ensure the right outcome is to source the right team to assist with the shoot.

My Story

It began with a Pentax 35mm film camera

When I was a teenager in the small Western Cape town Worcester, my dad gave me my first camera; a Pentax 35mm and I started taking photos of my friends on our missions.

I thought I could make money by sending my shots to magazines to be featured, but my friends ended up wanting to buy the photos of themselves.

I quickly realised – hey you can make money AND have fun!

I moved from Worcester to Stellenbosch to study photography. From there I got an internship at The Pixel Foundry in Cape Town where my obsession for understanding lighting emerged.

My career built up some steam so I went solo.

Interior and Product