Hey, I'm Matt, a photographer from Cape Town specialised in still life captures.

Creatives This One’s For You

The perfect shot, always!

Weather you’re an art director, designer, visionary or stylist, we’ll capture your idea. With 18 years of experience working on leading brands and over 500,000 photos behind me – your perfect shot is my mission.

My Story

It began with a Pentax 35mm film camera

When I was a teenager my dad gave me my frist camera, a Pentax 35mm and I started taking photos of my friends on our missions. I thought I could make money by getting my shots featured in Zig Zag Magazine but my friends ended up wanting to buy the photos of themselves. I quickly realized – hey you can make money AND have fun!

I moved from Woecester to study photograhy in Stellenbosch. From there I got an internship at Pixel Foundary in Cape Town where my obsession for understanding lighting emerged. My career got some steem and eventually I went solo and riged up my own fully equiped studio. I’m still doing carreer meets fun everday.


Product, Flat Lay & Lifestyle


Product, Flat Lay & Lifestyle


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